Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Green Corner

I have posted about this place in the past, but I went with my boyfriend a couple times when he came down to Mexico City to visit me, hee.

I started with a tomato-based wheat berry and vegetable soup.
This was so freaking good!
I thought it was going to be mehh, but it wasn't. Not at all!

More wheat berries!
I had a falafel sandwich with wheat berry tabbouleh (where's the parsley, dude?!). This did not taste like falafel at all, but it wasn't bad.
The dressing was slightly sweet and the pita bread nice and warm.

Then, we headed to Roxy!
It's across the street, so...the visit is kind of obligatory.

I had mandarin and tamarind sorbets.

Well and since I've been forgetting about my poor blog (again!), I'm going to post more pics of other things I've had here.

Orange juice!

Green chilaquiles, no dairy/with tofu.
(These were NOT good. The refried beans were awesome, but the tortilla chips were almost charred) enchiladas! Filled with seasoned cubes of tofu and topped with tofu cream and crumbled tofu (tofu, tofu, tofu, haha).

The staff is really nice and they're aware of the term DAIRY (lácteos) and that some people choose not to/can't eat them : p

Aanyway, you should really visit this place if you have a chance. Their store (at least in this location) is awesome.
They have local-ish stuff, spanish and american products.

100% Natural!

100% Natural is a chain of restaurants here in México. I believe the first one opened in Acapulco.
It's not vegetarian, but they have plenty of choices.
Now, if you're vegan like me it may be a little more complicated, but you will still have more than one option and it won't be a salad, pasta marinara or french fries : p

I ordered one of their tasty tasty juices; the California.
It's made with apples, lime, pineapple and orange juices. All blended with ice and a little sugar.
My uncle gave me his Oasis juice (pineapple, strawberry and orange) and it was good, too.


Then, I ordered the Cevichín.
This is a super fresh ceviche made with oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, cilantro, green chile and onion dressed with lime juice and seasoned with salt. Nice and simple!

I ate this with some fresh fried tortilla chips.

I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered an appetizer and then this giant entrée...
Oh well. This is the Arrozote with tofu. Gigantic plate of rice indeed.
This is just sauteed soy sprouts, spinach, broccoli, sqash and tofu with soy sauce.
It was a little too salty, but quite nice still.

I mean, look at those ginormous cubes of tofu!
I'm pretty sure it's the best tofu my palate has had the pleasure to taste, haha.
Really nice texture and mild flavor.

I'm definitely ordering just one thing next time!

Bonus picture of one of the pretty lamps: