Sunday, August 16, 2009

I've been eating out..

And I don't have any pictures !
I don't like to carry my dSLR with me for obvious reasons. I ride on buses and take taxis every single day and I don't feel comfortable with the possibility of being robbed while walking back home.


At school:
There are 3 cafeterias and I've only been to one of them.
There aren't any vegan options in that one (not even 'veganizable' options) besides fresh fruit, but there's a salad bar outside where I have many veggies to choose from ; )
I usually don't order nothing there, eat a lärabar or something and wait to get home and eat properly, but last friday I was starving and decided to give the salad bar a try.
I'm not pretty sure, but of the 6 dressings available, I think only one is vegan (sesame-peanut).
I didn't really ask, so I got mine dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

Out in the streets:
Gigantic tacos : O !
I got one filled with mashed potatoes (with added pickled red onions and red sauce) and other one filled with sauteéd nopales and onions (with added green sauce) and ate them while riding on the metro back to my house.

Chamoyadas :{ ) !
I'm addicted to that stuff.
I used to eat raspados while I still was in high school and missed them so much.
They're pretty much the same thing.
Shaved ice with fruit syrup (mango, tamarind, lime or pineapple...), drizzled with hot sauce, chamoy, lime juice, plus chili powder and salt. (Ughh, not my fave..)
I got one yesterday from an ice cream shop, but instead of shaved ice and fruit syrup, they serve it like this: One or two scoops of your water-based 'ice-cream' (sorbet ? well, I got orange and pineapple) and chamoy (that wasn't chamoy !! it was more like tamarind chili syrup) and miguelito (ahhh I love miguelito. miguelito's a chili powder candy).

I got a chamoyada at a mall and it's way better than the other I got to taste.
Your choice of mango, lime or tamarind slushee with chamoy, chili powder (sugary : ) like miguelito) and a topping (there are some to choose from).
Hands down, one of the best I've ever had !
The place is called Chilim-Balam, and it's a mexican candy shop. They sell some gringo candy too, haha (like wonka candies !!), but it's mainly mexican candy.

I think that's it..
I'm so darn hungry right now !

I'm stuck in my bedroom because the lady that rents me the room has some visits (family).
I'll use this as an excuse to finish my loads of homework and eat later.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My pantry-closet

Yes. That's what I said. A pantry-closet !
The lady (the one I'm living with), went to the market with his brother, but she forgot to ask me what I eat.
I bought lots of stuff and I had to store some of it in my closet, because the pantry is full of shiz.
There are some things that I got that the lady already had (the difference is that some of mine are organic and NEW.. the garlic powder looks like it has been sitting there for eons).
One of my housemates, told me that the day she first arrived to the house, the lady go a little mad at her because of the things she got (and that the lady already has).
That's the main reason I'm "hiding" my stuff.
The other reason, is that there's almost no space.

Whole wheat spaghetti and penne rigate, yellow mustard, agave nectar, chipotle and jalapeño relishes, v8 juice, crushed tomatoes, organic ketchup (WTF : D?!), tomato sauce, safflower oil, garbanzo beans, garlic powder, curry powder, mushrooms, chia seeds, a chocolate/puffed quinoa bar and dried epazote.
(there's more [like quinoa, brown rice, magda squash, mushrooms, potatoes, tabasco and soy sauce], but I stored it in the kitchen).

Everything in order..