Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finally. I'm here !

I'm staying at my uncle's.
Yesterday, I went to Nutrisa (a frozen yogurt/yogurt soft-serve place).
I didn't know, until some weeks ago, that they have some kind of healths food micro-market inside.
They have some vegan options like what I got: Brown rice cakes !
I ate two with almond butter (I managed to bring a jar from home n_n) and a sliced apple on the side.

The cakes. A mexican brand, I believe.

The babies. Blondie the old hairy chihuahua and Ringo the young...pomeranian ?.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today's my birthday n_n

I can't believe I'm already 20..
O_O !
I'm happy because I have the feeling that this year, the celebration won't be as crappy as last year's.
The bad thing is that I feel pretty sad too..
A friend from middle school passed away and I don't even know what exactly happened to her.
She was a good person with lots of qualities.
I hope that her family and closest friends recover pretty soon from this terrible loss.

Here's what I've eaten so far..

VB Perfect pancakes with real maple syrup (grrr, the last ml) and crappy potato-good seitan (the seitan is a vegan latina test recipe) hash with lots of ketchup.
Don't know how I managed to eat everything.

Oh yes... And I'll be off to get some sushi in 2 hours.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ughh, I'm worried about my blog.
I'm moving from here in little more than a week and don't know if I'll be living in an apartment or in one of those houses near the university that offer rooms.
If I get to live in an apartment, that would be pretty good news !
I would cook everything I can/want and post it here : )
But, if I don't, I would almost starve and post take-out stuff or something like that : (
Why do I say that ?
Well, because in the other house, all meals are included in the rent.
I don't know what the f* I am going to eat !
I doubt the lady-cook will accommodate to my vegan necessities. And in case she does, I'm still taking with me a gigantic bag full of nooch.

Anyway, today is my brother's birthday and we had some kind of pool party.

Some lunch I brought for me:

hmm : ) watermelon !

My new obsession: Oat bran graham crackers and creamy-crunchy almond butter

accidentally vegan chili-lime wheat chicharrones

my brother and my jumping cousin

Some weird mask/pot thing that was hanging in one of the walls of the house where we had the party.

Plain ruffles

: )

Thursday, July 9, 2009

El mejor pastel de 3 leches -ever-

That's Terry's Un-tres leches cake (without the shredded coconut that's supposed to go on top of it).
I've always hated terribly 3 leches cake.
I just think it's too moist (WAY TOO MOIST).
But this vegan version is delicious !
I love it : )
If you're a vegan latina tester and reading this, please, try it with mango !
It's goes perfectly with the cake, really.

I was planning on making a vegan 3 leches cake, but I know this one would beat mine terribly, hah. I don't like giving up, but I have to.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've been pretty busy...

...Getting my essentials and some extra stuff at the supermarket:

Can of hominy, garbanzo flour, vital wheat gluten, spinach, chocolate chips, light brown sugar, lemon extract, almond and soy milk, agar agar flakes, puffins, soy yogurt, plain tempeh, whole wheat hot dog buns and extra-firm tofu.

Celebrating my bestie's 22nd birthday:

(hence the weird smiley faces I drew; I got neat Photoshop skills, huh ?)

Going to the San Diego County Fair:

view from the big wheel...


Crappy picture of something really tasty, potato-y and seitan-y.