Friday, September 25, 2009

Crappy food made good food.

I haven't had the chance to cook elaborate meals, because I don't have the time or I'm too tired when I do have it.
I've been living from pre-packaged food and bland veggies as I predicted somewhere in the PPK.

Papa con chorizo (potatoes and soy chorizo, saute├ęd), curried veggies (canned veggie salad [HAHHA; peas, pigeon peas, carrot, potatoes, green beans] with a little tomato sauce, garlic, soy sauce, habanero sauce and lots of curry powder) and some fried plantain slices in the back.

But, let me tell you that not everything's so bad, because I really enjoyed this meal. The only fresh stuff in there were the potatoes in the chorizo, and the spinach and the mushrooms in the curried veggies. Everything else was canned, from a box or from a plastic bag, hah [except for the plantains, of course].

The veggies were pretty good and spicy, the plantains sweet and perfect and de chorizo was awesome, too.

I already have an idea for VeganMoFo (kinda lame, but at least I finally have one !). I'll be posting about restaurants, natural goodies stores and I'll try to make up some recipes (I don't promise anything !).

Take care.

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