Friday, April 13, 2012


Hi there!
I visited Tijuana a few days ago and these are some of the things I ate there (not in specific order).

The spicy looking sorbet from the picture above is a diablito -little devil, ha-. It's lime sorbet, chamoy (sweet, spicy, tangy, fruity sauce), chili powder and a tamarind chili stick. Damn it was good!
My boyfriend and I got it before crossing to the US, and while the border crossing may not be the better place to get food, I don't regret doing so, haha.

The day after I arrived (well, just a few hours later actually), my mom, brother and I went to some sort of gathering were the purpose was to wear something blue and let many balloons float away because April 2 is Autism Awareness Day!
They had ugly blue peeps and non vegan cupcakes : ( I didn't know we were allowed to bring our own blue treats, hehe.

A friend of mine, her boyfriend and their crew filmed a movie in Tijuana and I went to her hotel to see her. We walked and talked and had a raspado. Tasty, tasty raspado.
Raspados are made with shaved-ish ice, syrup and sometimes fruit.
This one has chamoy, lime juice, chili powder, pineapple bits, mango chunks, chaca-chaca AKA rielito (mexican hawthorne and tamarind chewy candy) and maybe something else.

I know many people are afraid of the idea of mixing fruit with chili. Well, you shouldn't be!! This was so refreshing and even though this does not count as a meal it was filling, too xD

En fin!
My family and I went to a restaurant called La Querencia that I do not like because it has stuffed animals freaking everywhere (stags, ducks, boars, etc.) and I think it's creepy!

I ate before leaving the house, but this dish caught my eye:
Beet carpaccio with mint dressing and bleu cheese (minus the cheese, obviously)
This was really nice. I don't like mint in food, but I decided to risk it and fortunately, the mint flavor wasn't very strong.

I ate it with some little tostadas the waiter brought with my beety dish and I made a little beet smiley face before finishing.

No, I'm not 5. I swear!


  1. I love your blog! I was recently introduced to the idea of lime/chili on fruit salad, Mexican style. I love it so much. I wish I had known about it while I was in Mexico so I could've tried it there. Love your blog!

  2. Thank you so much ! This blog helped me immensely! I have been looking everywhere for the ingredients to a diablito raspado. Thanks again, great blog by the way !