Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bean-crumble burrito

Tried to make beanballs; they were too soft, but tasty.

I was planning to serve them with rice and some sauce from the post above...but someone got rid of the cooked rice that was in the fridge waiting to be eaten by me.
So, I said something like "pff.. ya quƩ?!" and thought it would be nice to put those beanballs in a flour tortilla and call it a burrito.

I mashed the beanballs when rolling and pressing the tortilla to make the eating part a little easier, hah.

I'd post the recipe for the beanballs but the balls didn't turn out right enough to do that (i will, but first, i have to perfect it).
These are the main ingredients i used: low fat refried (bayo) beans, morning star grillers crumbles and vital wheat gluten.

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  1. Ooh, they look v.tasty and I bet they were just as good in a tortilla as they would have been with rice!