Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ughh, I'm worried about my blog.
I'm moving from here in little more than a week and don't know if I'll be living in an apartment or in one of those houses near the university that offer rooms.
If I get to live in an apartment, that would be pretty good news !
I would cook everything I can/want and post it here : )
But, if I don't, I would almost starve and post take-out stuff or something like that : (
Why do I say that ?
Well, because in the other house, all meals are included in the rent.
I don't know what the f* I am going to eat !
I doubt the lady-cook will accommodate to my vegan necessities. And in case she does, I'm still taking with me a gigantic bag full of nooch.

Anyway, today is my brother's birthday and we had some kind of pool party.

Some lunch I brought for me:

hmm : ) watermelon !

My new obsession: Oat bran graham crackers and creamy-crunchy almond butter

accidentally vegan chili-lime wheat chicharrones

my brother and my jumping cousin

Some weird mask/pot thing that was hanging in one of the walls of the house where we had the party.

Plain ruffles

: )

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  1. R-R-R-RUFFLES HAVE RIDGES! I love ruffles! They are great with tofuti better then sour cream and some onion powder!