Thursday, July 9, 2009

El mejor pastel de 3 leches -ever-

That's Terry's Un-tres leches cake (without the shredded coconut that's supposed to go on top of it).
I've always hated terribly 3 leches cake.
I just think it's too moist (WAY TOO MOIST).
But this vegan version is delicious !
I love it : )
If you're a vegan latina tester and reading this, please, try it with mango !
It's goes perfectly with the cake, really.

I was planning on making a vegan 3 leches cake, but I know this one would beat mine terribly, hah. I don't like giving up, but I have to.

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  1. Hola Andrea, soy Nelly de Monterrey y me gustaría ponerme en contacto contigo porque también tengo un blog de cocina. Aunque no soy vegan, tengo varios amigos que sí lo son y pienso empezar a incluir recetas vegans en el blog.
    Mandame un mail porque no puedo encontrar el tuyo. Felicidades por tu blog, me gusta.