Tuesday, October 4, 2011

VeganMoFo 2011: Livin' it up at Costco 2.0

Excuse the bad picture!
My DSLr's 18-55 mm lens is dead and I'm using a point and shoot my mom just gave me because she got a new one.

I made pasta for dinner using more stuff that can be found in Costco.

-Diced tomatoes
-Tomato paste
-Peeled garlic cloves
-Tomato sauce
-Black pepper (w/ grinder)
-Kalamata olives
-Wide/ribbed elbow pasta (known as Codo #4)

Can you see I'm in love with this place? well yes I am.

Alright then. Here's how I made my super lazy meal.

I melted some soy free earth balance and sautéed two pressed garlic cloves.
I chopped a few olives and mixed everything. Pretty freaking easy.
At the end, I added garlic salt, sea salt, thyhme, oregano and basil.

I promise I'll feature a less pantry relying meal on the last Livin' it up at Costco.

Thank you for passing by n__n!


  1. I love really simple meals and your pasta dish looks really simple but tasty too!

    I am loving your Cosco posts and I LOVE the new layout/colour of your blog, very pretty :)

  2. HEY! Somebody changed her blog! It looks really great - I love the colors and the header :)

    Yummy looking pasta, too!

  3. Thank you both : )!!
    Now it looks like a real blog, haha.

    At first I thought the colors were too girly, but this new look grew on me : D

    *Arrghh, for some weird reason I can't post comments from my other google profile.

  4. Looks like a nice and simple dinner to me!

  5. I like your Costco posts, they're great pantry friendly meals. I also love the new look of the blog, it looks rad & you can need have too much pink!