Friday, October 23, 2009

VeganMoFo: Condesa 3.0 / Beer !

Oh f yeah !
I love it here.
My original plan was to have lunch at a restaurant in the Roma neighborhood, but I ended up in the wrong metro station and went to The green corner again instead, hehe.
I had my cinematographic language class at 4, but the waiter didn't tell me the lentil soup was made with chicken stock. Ughh, I told him it was okay to not have the soup, but I got the lunch of the day and he insisted on replacing the soup for another one.
I took his offer, hah. Had a delicious black bean soup instead with fried tortilla strips on top and couldn't make it -err, to school-, oh well !

I had the Tofu a la mexicana, too. I was a bit skeptical about the dish but Oh was I so wrong.. The tofu was delicious !
Cubed tofu pan fried and mixed with juicy diced tomatoes and minced green bell pepper and onions. So simple yet amazingly flavorful !
The dessert was mehh, so I had some sorbet from Roxy's.

Key lime and tamarind.

A friend got the flu, so, he asked me to go to his place to pick up a video we had to present today..
I went to a bar to wait (he wanted to meet up in an hour, so..).
I had a beer.
Indio beer from random bar in Av. Tamaulipas.

I finished my beer, was on my way to his house, when he called and told me that he was at the hospital to get his blood tested or something like that.
I kept walking and stopped by the Barracuda !
It's a burger restaurant, 50's style.
They have some vegetarian options that can be easily veganized.
Hmm..portobello burger..
I wasn't hungry, heheh, but still, I got an order of french fries and another beer.

Heineken !

I'm not that into mixed drinks, but that looked nice (and cheap) !

More Indio (DRAFT !!) and on the house..
Ohh, there's nothing better than getting delicious draft beer for free, hah.

My friend pseudo-ditched me, the cab central I called didn't have any cabs near the restaurant and had to wait more ! Uhh..
The bartender got a little pitty on me, tried to hit on me and served me this beauty of a beer, hahah.
Ohh, what a day.


  1. I love that you had a burger after a meal.

  2. Hahah, I didn't !
    I wanted to, but just had french fries.

    --Oops ! Wrong account, heh.


  3. andrea gracias por decirme que nos mencionaron en lo de veganmofo. That's so freaking cool!! HAHAHAHA. que padre no? Oye deja lo pongo en mi blog:)
    I wish you friend the best and hope he feels better :)

  4. I would like to know if Indio Beer is vegan friendly. I cannot find it anywhere and it really concerns me because this is my preferred beer in Mexico. Can anyone tell me?
    Thank you!