Saturday, October 31, 2009

VeganMoFo: Party.

Hmm, last MoFo day : ( [Oh, right; Happy Halloween !]
A friend threw a party for his birthday last night and who would've imagined ?; all the food was vegetarian !
I helped him to make this little pita bites:

: )

Filled with pea/spearmint spicy spread, cucumber and tomato slices.

That got dressed later.

Hmm.. plain green beans.


I couldn't stay all night, but I enjoyed the short time I was there.


  1. Es cierto lo que ven mis ojos ??
    Otra vegan blogger mexicana!!
    Jaja, disculpa la emoción pero que yo sepa no es algo que abunde =P

    Te encontré por el blog de annie y tenia que pasar a saludar ;)

  2. jajaj, ahh ok : ) Hola !!

    Este es el perfil de mi blog 'personal'
    Saludos !