Thursday, October 1, 2009

VeganMoFo: Condesa.

Condesa is a neighborhood here in México City and by far, one of my favorites.
I recently quitted a class, so I have lots of free time in the morning/early afternoon.
Near Patriotismo metro station is Tamaulipas Ave., that has the best ice cream shop ever.
I had to stop there before having lunch.

Mandarin / key lime sorbet

After having the icy treat pictured above, I went to The green corner.
The green corner is a local chain of natural food restaurants and markets.
I only had enough money to eat, so I didn't buy anything : (
Next time I will : D !
I chose the Macrobiotic menu from the daily menu choices.
I got mushroom soup, wheat berry picadillo, brown rice (plus other sides) and hot green tea for 85 pesos. (I'll post the pics later).

The restaurant is outside and the market inside.

Update Oct. 23: The food !

There's another Roxy ice cream shop across the restaurant, so, I couldn't resist having more sorbet for dessert, heh.

Pineapple !

I got to my school by 4 and by 6 I was off to starbucks to have a soy latte and some good reads (I couldn't read because a couple in other table was having a loud conversation, HMM. DAMNIT !)


  1. I wish I would have known of these places during my trip to Mexico City! Guess I will have to go again :)

    The sorbet looks fantastic.