Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Arroz Rojo

It's my post #13.
Gimme some Social D !
Because Thirteen's my lucky number ; )
Okay, that's all for now.

The red rice, and on the back, a vegan latina tester and some okra-spinach thing I
made with creole seasoning, curry and sesame seeds.

When I was like 14 or so, I used to eat bowls of this red rice.
I just love it : )


2 cups long grain rice
4 cups water
3/4 cup tomato sauce
1 tbsp. garlic salt with parsely (or regular salt to taste)

In a pot (high-heat), stir the rice until some white specks appear or until slightly toasted.
Pour in the water carefully; mix in the tomato sauce.
Stir to get everything combined, add the salt and stir again.
When the water reaches a boil, cover with lid and lower heat.
Oh, are those rice grains sneeking trough a thin tomato-y film already : ) ?
Uncover and once you're sure the water evaporated almost completely, turn the heat off.
Let it sit for a while (or until warm enough to eat).


  1. I love rice, so I'm bookmarking this for sure! I can almost smell it cooking now...


    PS BTW, your directions are hilarious! "Oh, are those rice grains sneeking trough a thin tomato-y film already?" LOL!

  2. I love red rice. I like to eat it with sliced bananas on top. No joke. try it!