Friday, June 19, 2009

Vegan Brunch

I'm so happy !
I went yesterday to Barnes and Noble with my mom to buy my dad a father's day present and immediately walked towards the vegetarian cookbooks section.
I grabbed a Vegan Brunch copy and when we got home, I made blueberry scones and the smoked almond gravy.

Baby Scones ~!

I've never made scones (or tried, until yesterday) and they turned out great !
They have a biscuit-y consistency and are delicious.

It was hard not to eat all the smoked almond gravy by itself when I finished cooking it; it's pretty tasty too..
I was planning on making some mashed potatoes to go under all that almond goodness, but I have many recipes to test for vegan latina (I totally forgot about it; BAD TESTER !).

A bad picture I took of the book cover
Well, as soon as I can make more recipes from vegan brunch, I'll post my thoughts about them.

Oh ! and I'll be posting a Gorditas recipe soon.
Have a very very nice day !

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  1. You are so lucky!!
    I can't wait to have the book but they obviously don't sell it in Monterrey...hehe.