Monday, June 8, 2009

Pineapple-Quince Jam ; )

2 weeks ago, I went to Valle de Guadalupe (Valle de Guadalupe is a wine region here in Baja California, near the city of Ensenada [or in Ensenada. I'm not pretty sure]) with some friends to celebrate another friend's birthday.
I'm not a wine-drinker, so I thought I wouldn't enjoy the trip as much as the others, but I was SO WRONG !

After having lunch, we headed to the most popular vineyard of the region, hah.
The place is kinda cool; there's a road is between the vineyards : ) and at the end of it, a store with tables on the outside.
The store is great...There are a lot of things to sample like cheeses and wine, but the best stuff to sample are their organic jams !
Here's a list of the flavors I remember:

And the others that I didn't sample because they ran out of bread slices:
Orange Tomato-Chiltepin Chili (WTF?)

I got the pineapple-quince without tasting it (since I did sampled the quince and coconut-pineapple jams, thought that it HAD to taste as good as those).
Fortunately, I was right.
It tastes great; not too sweet, and the consistency is a little chunky (pineapple chunks...ohh yeah...).

It's a pretty vegan friendly place; the vegetarian pizza they offer is cheeseless and I guess and hope for vegan wine lovers, that the only non-vegan wine is the honeywine.
They also have a wide variety of oils (olive, rice, peanut, sesame, chili-sesame, garlic olive, chili olive...), some vegan soaps, wheat-seaweed chicharrones (woohoo !), olives and other stuff that I know you wouldn't be interested in (mostly cheese products).

I hope that if you live near the Baja or plan to visit it, you have the oportunity to go to that vineyard (L.A. Cetto).

Mehh, I know that I can count my readers with the fingers of one of my hands and still have like 2 or 3 fingers left hahha : ( but still, I'll post another recipe soon ; ) !

And now, some babbling in spanish:

Un saludo a Annie (Vegan en México [Monterrey]) que ya llegó a su post #100 ; ) !

Esa fue una noticia buena, pero desgraciadamente, también hay una mala; internaron a su abuelita, así que les pido a los religiosos que anden rondando por ahí, que pidan porque se mejore y a los ateos, pues que mínimo le dejen un mensajito de apoyo en su blog, jeje.

No sé ustedes, pero yo me la he pasado de visita en visita a hospitales y clínicas por casos de 4 parientes distintos (mi abuelo, mi abuela y mis papás) y es bastante pesado y desgastante y siempre viene bien aunque sea un poquito de apoyo, por parte de otros familiares y de los amigos. Por eso le mando un abrazo virtualesco y espero que dicha situación mejore y que sea pronto ; ) !

See ya..

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  1. Awee que linda! Enserio que muchas gracias!
    Estoy muy emocionada de llegar a numero 100...y espero llegar a muchos mas :)Espero verte llegar a 100 tambien porque tus recetas son exelentes :)
    Muchas gracias por lo de mi abuelita. Enserio que no sabes que tan feliz estoy de que la mantegas en tus pensamientos. Andrea no te conosco en persona pero se que eres una super personaa..
    gracias amiga :)