Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bake Me Up LA

I wasn't sure about doing the 2 hour-trip to LA, but, since I couldn't make my own bake sale (I couldn't decide about almost everything, gave up and had the idea of organizing one -with time!-the next year) and the San Diego bake sale will be held on September (I'll be in México City by then), I thought that it would be nice to support one of the nearest vegan bake sales.
If you live in the LA area or want to make a trip like me, you should go !
No, no, no, let me put that right..You HAVE TO go.
No vegan can resist baked vegan goodies !
Indulge ; ) !
Well. I was all excited about this mini-trip, because I've always wanted to eat at an all-vegan restaurant, but my mom and brother are really skeptic and picky.
Some minutes ago, my dad was all like "Yeah, we should go to a vegetarian food place !".
He's not a vegetarian, but he likes to try new veggie stuff.
Once, I made Isa's sausages with garbanzo beans instead of pinto beans since that's what I got in hand; my mom tried them and said they had an unpleasant strong flavor.
My dad really liked them and of course, I loved them : )
I tried to look for some vegan friendly restaurants and didn't succeed; too vegan for my family or not vegan friendly for me.
I really wanted to eat in a veg restaurant, since I can't do that pretty often; there aren't many vegetarian options here in Tijuana and the vegetarian food from natural restaurants isn't tasty enough.
There aren't many vegan products available either; I buy almost everything in San Diego. This is the only "uncommon" stuff I can get in TJ: Organic Firm Tofu, TVP in many forms, vacuum-packed silken tofu, Silk -unsweetened, plain, vanilla and chocolate-, vegan patties, organic edamame and I guess that's all, ha !
There's a super-market about 1 minute from where I live and I swear...most veggies and fruits spoil !
Ooh, and the worst of all, is that I used to drink a lot of this strawberry soy milk thing made by a mexican company that makes juice and soy milk beverages, until I found out my beloved soy milk had Carmin as a natural colorant.
There's another mexican brand that sells strawberry soymilk, but I'm not sure about the colorants.
I'm glad to know that my regimen won't be much of a problem once I'm living in México City, because I made a quick investigation and there are some organic markets and vegetarian restaurants (most of them Vegan Friendly !).
Anyway, I'm tired of complaining, hah.
I need to sleep !

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